Live! Grammy Sum Up: Adele, Nicki Minaj (no comment), & Katy Perrys Smurfy Hair!

13 Feb

It’s the morning after Grammy night, a night filled with great accomplishments, and great performances by Adele and Jennifer Hudson.

I am so proud of Adele, It’s great to see true talent prevail. It’s refreshing to see an artist leave the antics and choreographers at home and just sing, and that’s exactly what Adele does, S-A-N-G!!! Any woman that can set Fire to the Rain is All-Rite with me!

Congrats Adele on your complete domination of the Grammys, taking home 6 Grammy’s girl !(talkin’ like I know her)

The mood was somber as the show went on without one of musics greatest song birds, Whitney Houston. Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to Whitney by singing her career hit “I Will Always Love You.”  It was a very emotional moment. (Niagara falls on the tear scale)

Katy Perry let us know that she got a divorce, then wrote a song about it… Like to hear it… here it go… it’s called  “Part of Me” .  I am goo goo gaa gaa over some bright colored smurf looking hair, but you should really consider giving your BFF  Ri Ri her wig back. Music artists are so lucky, they can break up and then make money off of singing about it, all I’ve ever received from an ex was trust issues. *shrug*

Dammit, I can’t take it no more!  Nicki Minaj has got to go! Last night she fell all the way off the effin’ map….. I’m done..

This bi#c!h is sorry.  Is anything sacred in America anymore….I know she wouldn’t have done this performance in Rome…. making a mockery of anyones faith is not cool, we don’t have to all believe the same thing, but respect is a must, and some things are sacred, period.

Ok, take away the all the references to Catholicism, the song is still Wack, and bad trees bear bad fruit, therefore the performance was Wack as well or an “Epic Fail” as my predecessors say…

Is this what’s hot right now, or am I just getting old…. I may just me getting old…but that ish was Wack-Sauce with a side of fu#*in horrible…

Relive this moment at your own risk smh (with my hands covering my face). I spent 5 minutes too long searching for the link to this mess..

I have nothing else to say…. except subscribe to Food & The City! (pssst. button is on the top right of the screen *wink)



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