Live! A “Must Attend” Event For Female Comedians! Females In Comedy Convention April 26-29

12 Apr

Comedian Hope Flood Founder of Females In Comedy Association

Whether you are just beginning or on the rise, if you are a female Comedian, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Females In Comedy Convention from April 26-29.

This event is hosted by The Females in Comedy Association founded by oh so funny and talented, Hope Flood,  as a solution to help more women in comedy succeed.

During this three day event there will be an all star line up of speakers, and events that will give you the information you need to ensure that YOU are on the right track  when it comes to your craft.  Topics range from “Marketing Yourself 101” (presented by Comedian Shang Forbes) to  “The Perfect Pitch – how to pitch your idea or TV Show and get it on the air (presented by Amy Ashton) to a mystery workshop “Who’s Got Next” with funny woman Miss Laura Haynes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a whole bunch of knowledge from spectacular veteran talent, and a awesome networking experience!

Registration is open until April 15 so  hurry up, annnnd sign up!!


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