Legend, Icon, Diva, Whitney Houston Says Farewell, But Not Goodbye at Age 48

12 Feb

Yesterday music lost another one of its treasures, Whitney Houston at age 48.

Whitney Houston was the epitome of Diva. She leaves behind a catalog of contributions to music that transcends time itself. Although she will never grace the stage again psychically, her music will outlive us all.

It’s sad that some can only focus on her not so glamourous history then her legacy. Most of us can suffer the ramifications of our bad discussions in private, and can successfully escape the judgment sketchy pasts from friends and family. Whitney, like any other superstar have no choice but to live their lives publicly.

Sure, some moments in Whitney’s life made for some good TMZ stories, but when someone dies, famous or not, a degree of respect, tact, and care should be taken when life is lost.

How she died,  and who was with before when she died, is irrelevant to me.  The end result is still the same, she’s gone, and that fact, trumps any detail that could come to light at this moment for me.

I remember when I became a Whitney Houston Fan.  I was in the 2nd grade and I got a whippin’ for borowwing my moms Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” tape and playing it until it broke…..no regrets lol.. I’d do it again.

Thank You Whitney for sharing your talent with the world, you will be missed!

Enjoy this Video Playlist of some Whitney Hits ! Celebrate Her Legacy!


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