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Party! LA House Heads Don’t Miss This Par-Tay The 3 Kings of House @Vangaurd Hollywood

18 Apr

Cheaa (yes) this is going to be Hizz-OT (very fun)!!!

All I have to say is: 

Louie Vega 

David Morales 

and Tony Humphries 

 You can’t claim to be a House Music head and not go this party. I need not say no more, period.!


Plan A Luxury Summer Vegas Vacay 4 Less!

13 Apr

There is no greater way to travel then Luxury for Less.

If  you are thinking about planning a vacay (that’s country club for vacation)  or  a trip to vegas  there are some great  sales on right now for The Signature Hotel @MGM Grand and at the Hard Rock Hotel  (Their pool Rehab is one of D best in Vegas!).  The sale allows you to book  though August 31 with rates starting from under $100 per night, but there is only 2 more days left to make a reservation through

The Signature at MGM Grand

On Sale From $95 / night  ($95 rate is sunday thru mon on this sale, but the weekend rate is discounted too)      Click Here

The Venetian

on sale from $189/night  reg. $250+ 

The Venetian is my one of my favorite Vegas Hotels because it is centrally located to everywhere you would want to be in Vegas. Although it wouldn’t be hard to spend days on end inside this hotel without going stir crazy, Vegas is your playground with  the “Duece” bus stop right out side to take you from uptown to downtown Las Vegas.

The Hard Rock Hotel

on sale from $64/night

Do Vegas like the Rock God that you are at The Hard Rock Hotel.   I like this hotel because it is, what it is, a party hotel. So if you are going to Vegas for some R&R and a serene environment, you might want to find another spot.

I also like it because of all of the cool music memorabilia that the hotel is emerged in, It’s like staying in a rock and roll museum and that’s pretty cool. Be advised that this hotel is East of the Vegas Strip so if you are looking to trollip up and down the strip as many want to , bring ya walking shoes if you stay here.

Summer is around the corner and I know money is tight for a lot of folks.. but the rooms at these all-suite hotels a spacious enough  for you and a group of friends to split the costs.


And remember what happens in Vegas, may end up on YouTube or someones Timeline….

Vegas responsibly, holla!

Party: A Lil’ History and Traditions for St. Patrick’s Day

16 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17, and better yet, it’s on a Saturday this year, so we’ll have all of Sunday afternoon to sleep off the horrible hangover we’re gonna earn.

Now, besides being a perfect opportunity to get wasted (responsibly of course *side eye*), St. Patrick’s Day is also a holiday with a beautiful cultural history. March 17 is the Catholic feast day of Saint Patrick, the most widely-known patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was thought to have worked as a missionary in Ireland in the second part of the 5th century. March 17 is considered the day of his death.

St. Patrick’s feats are said to include driving all snakes out of Ireland, using the shamrock to teach people the Christian concept of God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and speaking to two Irish warriors born in ancient times. It’s also said that the walking stick St. Patrick used, made of dead ash wood, grew into a living tree while he was evangelizing. Pretty cool, even though today we use it as an excuse to consume erroneous amounts of green adult beverages, and sweets.

So, what are some ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Well, wearing green is an easy one and will protect you from being pinched! In early American folklore, it was thought that leprechauns would sneak up on and pinch anyone they could see, but they couldn’t spot those wearing green. So, people who didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day would be pinched as a reminder. Of course, if you wanna go a little crazy, you can put temporary green die in your hair or get green clip-on hair extensions instead.

You could also, y’know, go to church. Even if you aren’t religious, it’s a nice day to check out fancy old Catholic churches in your city, if only to drive by and snap a few photos.

Of course, the big way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day today is by getting drunk (responsibly of course, drinking is driving is beyond idiotic, so don’t do it). Green beer is a popular choice at bars and parties across the country.

So, make plans with the girls or guys for Saturday night and get ready to party. Have fun, stay out all night, sleep in all morning, and wake up just in time to untag yourself from those goofy Facebook photos.



Party: Carnival, The World Get’s Their Party On Today!

21 Feb

Since Saturday many countries have been dancing the night away in the streets to bring in the Lent season which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox societies hold festivals in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday that most commonly involve large parades and public street parties.

The Carnivals held in Rio De Janeiro, and Trinidad & Tobago are the most popular celebrations where people travel from around the globe to take part in.

On Wednesday Christians embark on a 40 day period of fasting and prayer, so one could appreciate the party till the wheels fall off atmosphere of Carnival before this journey.

Carnival in Rio or Trinidad is a great vacay whether its just the girls, just the fellas, or just the two us  type thing,  it doesn’t matter, a great time is guaranteed!

It’s too late for this year but you can begin planning for 2013 and trust me planning ahead is crucial  when attending carnival in Trinidad or Brazil because accommodations sell out up to 4 months before the events!

Here are some snaps of people getting their Carnival on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


16 Jan

You no longer have to wait around for your favorite Girl Scout (GS) cookies, because Keeebler has cloned them… Their new Coconut Dreams cookies are equivalent to the GS’ Caramel Delights and their Grasshopper variety is equal to the beloved GS’ Thin Mints… They’re not almost as good, not half as good , but the same good as the Girl Scouts Brands….Sorry girls you may want to consider selling something else in the spring cuz your cookie monopoly ring has ended! Well not completely, you girls still got the shortbread cookies under lock and key!

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