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Live: Twitter-Therapy Fail.. Spike Lee Did What?

29 Mar


The block is hot in the twittersphere this week (translation: there have been several celeb’s socially hanging themselves on Twitter).

In a justice therapy session via twitter gone wrong, the one-stop-movie-shop Spike Lee is in all kinds of hot water today. The “Do The Right Thing” Director did the wrong thing by tweeting an address that he thought to be George Zimmerman’s to his 250,000 followers.

OM-Geezy, What?  The address did not belong to Zimmerman but it was that of Mr. and Mrs.  McClain who are in their 70’s. *mouth all open*

As expected soon after Lee tweeted the address, the McClain’s began receiving threats and had to leave their home. (whoa)

Late last night Spike Lee tweeted an apology ” I deeply apologize to the McClain family for re-tweeting their address. It was a mistake.”

……Uhh Spike, I don’t think the McClain’s, being 70 and all, are on twitter, you should probably give them a call, or buy them a penthouse or something, then send a fruit basket to the penthouse that you brought them. When you put an innocent elderly couple’s life in danger I don’t think saying sorry via twitter is gonna cut it, you know what I mean?

The McCains have since supposedly  retained a lawyer… oh my, they may be getting that penthouse after all. *shrug*

The Twittersphere can be a dangerous place for public figures, saying things in person can be denied, but in the TwitterVille once you press the lil’ birdie button, there’s no going back….

Well Spike it looks like theres no way around it, you are wrong for this one. Lucky for you, Lindsay Lohan is off of probation today,  and many will be wagering about how long she will be able to stay that way, which will distract most from your blurb. #The-Brighter-Side-Of-Things *cheese*

Tweet Often, Tweet Responsibly……


Live! Twitter Beef: Madonna vs Piers Morgan

28 Mar

What had happened was….

Tuesday night Piers Morgan let the Twitterverse know that Madonna was the latest to be banned from his show. The pop queen’s manager then tweeted back an attachment from the producers of Morgans UK  chat show inviting the blond diva to appear on his show.


Piers basically said ohh. I was just talking about my CNN show, but your banned from the UK show now too. (ouuuuuu)

After that…..

Madonna’s peeps told TMZ that the Material Girl (it’s fun coming up with different ways to say Madonna…lol) has no idea why Piers is mad at her and that “she doesn’t even know who he is.”  BOOM.

Thats how celebrities insult each other. They don’t tend to call each other bi%^hes or  a m-effer’s like normal people when insulted, they merely deny the others  existence on earth by saying “I don’t even know who you are, who are you again?”.  Good move Madonna.

Back in January 2011 Piers said Madonna has been “an irritant in my life for 20 years.”

Piers called her an irritant, thats like a rash or something, that’s pretty cold. I don’t know what Piers has against Madonna but it seems pretty dang serious. It does seem like she has a stank attitude, but when you are a Pop Goddess (in your head) it’s only expected.

I was mad at her for the Super Bowl performance but I have since healed. Piers on the other hand is like the only gay man I know who doesn’t like Madonna, isn’t that against the rules or something.

I do know this, Piers better stop banning folks from his show before he don’t have no show.


Flashback Monday! 1994, When Salt N Pepa Taught Us How To “Shoop”

26 Mar

Live! Flashback Monday: The year was 1994, and that summer the liberated ladies of Salt N Pepa taught us another synonym for sex with the “Shoop” from their 1993 album “Very Necessary”. The album is the most successful album by a female rap act. This wasn’t the first jam Salt N Pepa brought to the table but it was one of their last. A few years ago Salt and Pepa reunited to do a realty show, and there was buzz of them getting back on the stage again, but I guess that didn’t work out. For now bust out your gold hoops and rodger rabbit to dis!!!  What was your favorite Salt N Pepa Jam?


Eat: Want An Ice Cream Sandwich Made With A Donut? Holey Cream Says, No Problem!

20 Mar


It’s kind of hard to be to concerned about the economy when in the presence of such deliciousness.


Holey Cream features an all star sweet rotating menu of 34 ice cream flavors, 13 donuts made in house daily, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, shakes, smoothies,  and several frozen yogurt flavors to choose from. Any way, or anything you like to eat your ice cream with, Holey Cream can make it happen.

A donut ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate with crushed oreo’s on top. Sure, you got it.

Belgian Chocolate Chip ice cream between a Smore’s Donut with carmel drizzle on top. No Problem.

This place definitely brings a lil’ peace of heaven to the Hell’s Kitchen district of New York City.

Holey Cream is located at:

796 NINTH AVE (9th Ave. between W 52nd St. & W 53rd St.)
(212) 247-8400





Live! Flashback Monday 1996: Family Matters And Steve Urkel

19 Mar

The year was 1996 and if you weren’t yet old enough to be fist pumping in the club on a Friday night is was almost certain that you were at home in front of the tube for ABC’s T.G.I.F sitcom line up.

TGIF contained several wholesome family orientated comodies like, Perfect Strangers, Full House, and the most popular, Family Matters.  The Winslow family and its zany nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel made us laugh, and taught us wholesome lessons for 9 seasons.

Jaleel White

Jaleel White, the actor who played Urkel, is now 34, and has been working several roles behind, and in front of the camera in Hollywood.

We also will be seeing Jaleel cuttin’ a rug on this seasons Dancing With The Stars which kicks off tonight on ABC.  The jury is still out on whether he’ll give the suspenders another twirl for old times sake.

Enjoy this Family Matters clip from their 1996 halloween episode!

Live: Reporter Asks Trayvon’s Mother If He Ate Chicken During a Press Conference WTH Is Going On!

19 Mar

I really feel like I’m living in a alternate universe right now.

There is not much I can say, you just have to watch this hot mess of a reporter right here. What the hell is up with some people in this town SMDH!!!!!!!

LIVE: 17 Year Old Sanford Florida Resident Murdered While His Killer Remains Free

19 Mar

TRAVON MARTIN (1995- 2012)

There are some topics that no matter what your platform is, they need be addressed and brought to light.  The current situation in Sanford Florida involving the case of Trayvon Martin is one of these topics, a topic that as a member of the human community , I can’t sweep under the carpet.

The parents of 17 year old Trayvon Martin has contacted the FBI to oversee the investigation of the killing of their son by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who 3 weeks after he shot and killed Trayvon remains free and uncharged. Trayvon’s parents told the FBI they no longer trust the local police department to handle this case properly. (CBS News)

On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin went to the local store to get some skittles and something to drink. On his way back to his Stanford Florida home, unknown to Trayvon, he would not live to enter his home once again as he had done hundreds of times during his 17 years of life.

Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman spotted Trayvon on his walk home from the store,  and called the police to report Martin’s “suspicious” behavior.  In the newly released 911 call placed by Zimmerman, he said:

““There’s a real suspicious guy. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about… These a**holes always get away” [Orlando Sentinel]

Shortly there-after several 911 calls came in from other residents that lived in the same gated community as Trayvon who told dispatch that they can hear a boy crying for help outside their window. The audio of these 911 calls have been in the news and on the internet, and you can hear  Trayvon’s cries in the background.  It’s is very hard to listen to, but what you hear is clear. You hear Travon yelling “help!” “help me!” over, and over, with the desperation that comes when your life is in danger, then a gunshot, then silence.

At the time of the shooting Zimmerman maintained that it was him doing the yelling that witnesses had described to 911 dispatch then later to police.


With 911 call recordings that clearly discredit Zimmerman’s statement that it was him yelling for help, the police chief to this hour maintains that there still isn’t any probable cause to arrest Zimmerman.

The call that Zimmerman made to police reporting Trayvon’s “suspicious” behavior has also been released, and I’m sorry, you can hear the crazy in his voice.  Since January 1st 2011 Zimmerman has called the police 46 times. Neighbors ofZimmerman report that he was “fixated on crime and focused on young, black males.” I’m not in  law enforcement, but even Inspector Gadget could see that there is enough evidence to place George Zimmerman in police custody.

Florida has a “stand your ground law,” which allows wide latitude in using deadly force if someone feels reasonable threatened. (CBS News) With the evidence in the open so far, there is absolutely nothing that points to Zimmerman being threatened by Trayvon Martin.

The Sanford police department has made so many mis-stepps in this investigation that it is completely shameful! The FBI has not intervened in this investigation but  they told ABC News that they are monitoring the investigation and have been in touch with the local authorities.

This case isn’t about Black, Brown, or White it’s about “Right” and ” Wrong”,  it’s about the misconduct of the Sanford Florida Police Department, where in their town, they make it about Black, White, and Brown.

I can attest that things are “different” when it comes to race relations in some parts of the south eastern United States. There ARE cites and towns that have recycled a culture of hate into the disregarded the civil rights movement in America, and all though the laws mandate they treat all as equals, they don’t.

There will be a Justice For Trayvon rally this Thursday @7pm at First Shiloh Baptist Church (700 S. Elm Ave., Sanford, Florida).

#Justice For Trayvon

Here are some links that will give you more information about the case:

Listen to Audio of Trayvon Martin 911 Call And Call From Neigbor

What Everyone Should Know About Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)


Call, fax, or email the District Attorney’s office, Sanford Police, and political representatives to ask them why Trayvon Martin’s killer has not been arrested.

1.  State Attorney’s Office – Sanford

Attn: Florida District Attorney Norman Wolfinger

State Attorney’s Office
Criminal Justice Center
101 Bush Boulevard
PO Box 8006
Sanford, Florida  32772-8006
Telephone:  (407) 665-6000

2.  Sanford Police Department

Sanford Police Department, Attn: Police Chief Bill Lee, 815 West 13th Street, Sanford, FL 32771

Telephone: (407) 688-5070

3. Florida Governor

Office of Governor Rick Scott, State of Florida, The Capitol, 400 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Governor’s office Telephone: (850) 488-7146

4. Florida legislators

(a)  The Florida state senator for Sanford, Florida is David Simmons.

David Simmons, 251 Maitland Avenue, Suite 304,Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Telephone:  (407) 262-7578

(b) The Florida state representative for Sanford, Florida is Jason Brodheur.

Jason Brodheur, District Office, 114 West First Street, Suite 208, Sanford, FL 32771-1273

Telephone: (407) 302-4800

(c)  The US representative for Sanford, Florida is Corrine Brown.

Representative Corrine Brown, 2336 Rayburn HOB, Washington, D.C. 20515

Telephone: (202) 225-0123, Fax: (202) 225-2256

(d)  The US senators for Florida are Marc Rubio and Bill Nelson.

Senator Marc Rubio, 317 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC, 20510

Telephone: (202) 224-3041

Senator Bill Nelson, 716 Senate Hart Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Telephone: (202) 224-5274

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