It’s Britney Bit$h! Pop Princess $15 Million X-Factor Deal Official!

18 Apr

Britney Spears
(like you didn't know, if you didn't well, welcome to Earth)

Haaay Now…. did you miss me….

I didn’t think so…. Let’s talk about whats going on at X-Factor USA shall we!

After months of speculations, rumors, and hypothesissss about who would be filling all of the empty seats at X-Factor USA, Britney Spears has sealed the deal for….

$15 Million Dollars….just for season 2!


Yep, thats right,  Ms. Spears will make more  in the next 6 months then what the population in my zip code will make in their whole lives.

Apparently this talent Judge’in thing pays really well

J-Lo’s contract was re-negotiated  for this current season of American Idol  for $20 Million.. .. SAY WHAT!  BALLIN’!


Where’s my cut?

All I’m saying is, you constantly hear shows rally for your participation, have you all up for hours on the phone voting and stuff….shooo that’s hard work too!

They tell us that  they’d be “nothing” without “us” the viewer, and they appreciate us tuning in..yada…yada…yada…

I would prefer that your appreciation be Quantified….Thank You!

I don’t know about you, but I perfer gratitude via PayPal…

We tune in….they get paid….and all we get is a bill from Direct TV at the end of the month for $100.


***End Rant***

I Loves me some Britney Spears, many of her songs are on my life soundtrack.   I am oberly excited about her as a Judge on X-Factor, and I feel that she is just what the doctor ordered for the show,  any woman that shaves her head is definitely gonna keep it real! OUUKAY!

Now I really don’t think there will be 4th judge hired because they have expired most of their budget obtaining Britney.

Now the only hanging chad left is the Host.  Back in February Simon Cowell revealed that there will be 2 hosts for season 2, so this will definitely be interesting.

Auditions have started around the country, so if you have what it takes, don’t miss your chance to become a Star.

X-Factor USA Season 2 Audition Information.

Video: Criminal by Britney Spears (Lyric Video)  It’s Koo!

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