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Food and the City’s Deliciousness List : Big Wangs North Hollywood

11 Apr

Cajun Buffalo Wangs

Hey Hey,

First a lil history,

The Deliciousness List ( say that 3 times fast!) is a coveted list of restaurants and eateries that display excellence in making me smille after I consume their food.  (trust me it ain’t as simple as it sounds.)  While many establishments will not make it to this list, don’t beat yourself up about it, I just have a sophisticated palate…..it’s me….it’s not you…well then again it is you :/

First up on the Food and the City Deliciousness-List is the wing-tropolis Big Wangs in North Hollywood California.

Big Wangs is a great place to eat wings, drink, and be merry with the people you hold dear…..Their happy hour specials are awesome, and their  wings are of the best caliber to be found in Southern California.  I frequent the North Hollywood location, but they do have other locations in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and Valencia.

Lemon Pepper Wangs

Big Wangs has a variety of wing flavors: Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Garlic Buffalo, and Lemon Pepper. Cajun Buffalo, Chipotle BBQ, Teriyaki, Rochester, and Sweet & Sassy. I personally love the Garlic Buffalo, and the Lemon Pepper wings.

I like this place because like the name “Big Wang” implies the size of the wings are larger then most proprietary wing spots, also the flavor of their sauce is amazingly good.  For all you sport lovers there are TV’s everywhere to fill your every sporting need.  I also luv that they give you big cups for your non-alcoholic beverages so you don’t have to keep hunting down a staff for a refill.

Not down with wings… then we can never be friends, just kidding…. Big Wangs offers an extensive menu that goes beoyond chicken wings, other selections include  Shepard’s Pie in a skillet, Quesadillas, Nachos, Soups and Salads, Burgers, Ahi Sliders ( yea.. Ahi Sliders yummers), Sandwhiches, and Pizza, and Dessert.

So congratulations Big Wangs, you have made it to the Effin-Delicious List, aren’t you happy, feel free to send a sista coupon *cheeze*


Website: www.bigwangs.com

Menu:  www.bigwangs.com/menu

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