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Eat! Free Cone Day Today At Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shops

3 Apr

Ben & Jerry’s have been making ice cream history for 34 years now, and to celebrate  today on April 3rd you can go any Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop and get an ice cream cone on the house from Noon to 8pm.  Now this is my kind of holiday!

I love B&J’s chocolate brownie fudge ice cream. What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flava?

Flashback Monday! 1994, When Salt N Pepa Taught Us How To “Shoop”

26 Mar

Live! Flashback Monday: The year was 1994, and that summer the liberated ladies of Salt N Pepa taught us another synonym for sex with the “Shoop” from their 1993 album “Very Necessary”. The album is the most successful album by a female rap act. This wasn’t the first jam Salt N Pepa brought to the table but it was one of their last. A few years ago Salt and Pepa reunited to do a realty show, and there was buzz of them getting back on the stage again, but I guess that didn’t work out. For now bust out your gold hoops and rodger rabbit to dis!!!  What was your favorite Salt N Pepa Jam?


Live! Senior on Bus Teaches Young Lady About Respect

17 Feb

My cousin brought this video to my attention and I have to say this is the most Gangster-ish Senior Citizen I have ever seen in my life! This is the kind of woman you want on the squad, because you know! That she has got your back!

No one knows the lady’s name so I’m just going to call her OG Oatmeal-Cookiez.  (Whaaat! she looks like she makes great oatmeal cookies… and she’s like an oatmeal cookie… sweet but rough in texture) *cheese*

In this video OG-Oatmeal gives a young lady on the bus a good “talkin’ to” for being disrespectful.

Disclaimer: OG-Oatmeal-Cookiez has a potty mouth. This video contains explicit language.


Celebrity Deaths Come In 3’s: Where Did That Come From?

23 Jan

Blues and Soul singing legend, Etta Jameslost her battle with Leukemia on Friday, and today, college football coach great, Joe Paterno dies at 85. Now pop culture obsessives are asking the question, who will complete the Trinity?

How does a “Death Comes in 3’s” superstition come about? Well humans, by nature are pattern seeking beings, we like to connect-the-dots so to speak.

We’re the species that can spot Jesus’ face in a pancake. We are the animals that refuse to accept the demise of Elvis, 2Pac, and Biggie Smalls (I know, Elvis lives in a secret room at his Graceland property, and 2Pac and Biggie are besties living in the Bermuda Triangle with Amelia Earhart) . When seeking to make “sense” of our in-coincidental universe, three has a certain magic to it. Sonically beats of 3 are more pleasing to us, ecetera and so on. The myth or idea (you be the judge) that death comes in threes has been around way before celebrity, but when high profile people die within a close span of time, it leans this Myth more towards being true.

Is it more than coincidence that  Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, and John Ritter all died in the same week in 2003? What about Ed McMahon’s death in 2009 and then just two days later on June 25th, Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett. Is there more to it, or just us puzzle seeking humans doing what we do best, pointing out patterns?


Ronique Nicole

WhatChu Think? Do you consider yourself a superstitious person?  What is one of the most crazy superstitions you have heard of?

LIVE! Martin Lawrence to Return to Network TV, You Go Boy!

19 Jan

In the summer of 2009 I saw Martin Lawrence in a stand up show at Palms in Las Vegas. There was no question that he could still bring the funny, and it was evident that funny just in his DNA. It was one of the most he-lar-i-ous stand up comedy shows I have ever seen in my life, and he made it seem effortless, like he had just walked out on stage to talk to the crowd for 2 hours. All that to say,  I’m a Fan.

Now 15 years after the Martin Show went off of the air in 1997 and left my life incomplete, I am overly elated to hear that Martin Lawrence signed a development deal with CBS in the fall of 2011 and will be returning to our living rooms soon with a new sitcom, run tell dat!

As it stands right now, ole Marti-Mar is in the midst of two sitcom ideas. The first was developed by “Bernie Mac” creator Larry Wilmore where Martin would play a single man who becomes a foster parent to several children along with his sister. The second idea by Tom Hertz, the man behind “Rules Of Engagement” came up with a different plot where Martin would be a family man trying to keep his kids grounded while facing off with his wealthy in-laws. It is buzzed that the network will make a decision in the next few weeks on which direction the network will go!

I will admit, I a wee bit nervous on whether CBS knows what to do with such a comedic gem that Martin Lawrence is. My hopes are that he doesn’t get filtered out too much. Sometimes comedians and network tv sometimes don’t work, because the network tries to make them into something they are not, and as a result their comedic flavor suffers.

In any case I am excited all the same to see what the product will be, and even more excited to see Martin “You Go Boy” Lawrence back on TV!

WhatChu Think? Which show idea do you think would be best suited for Martin?

Enjoy this classic Martin clip !



LIVE! Food & The City Awards Celebrates Crack Head Characters in Film and Television!

18 Jan

I’m not really into award shows.  I’m annoyed by corny thank you speeches, people who aren’t funny but the teleprompter tries to make them say things funny, shiny dresses, and parties that I’m not at.

However, I do tune in to keep a pulse on the times, and while watching part of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday I said to myself,  Self, and myself said “what the hell do you want now”, I replied … “there is something missing from this award show…..some award categories are missing and they should add this one”….

The Gator Achievement Award

 (In honor of the character Gator from the movie Jungle Fever)

Best Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Crack Head Role


And the nominees are…….. (cue music)

Christian Bale: played the loveable crack head with a never give up spirit, Dicky – The Fighter.

Hale Berry- Played the clear complexioned, all teeth having crack head love interest of Gator in the 1991 controversial cult classic Jungle Fever.

Anthony Johnson- Played the entrepreneurial crack head Ezel in the comedic classic Friday.

Ryan Gosling- played a Teacher addicted to crack in the 2006 movie Half Nelson. Even as a crack head he still maintains that boyish charm….how does he do that!

And the winner is………It was close but the winner is Anthony Johnson for his role as Ezel…What-Chu Think? 

Up next….

Best Crack Head Role Played By an Actor in a TV Series or Comedy.


And the nominees are……….

Dave Chappelle- played Tyrone Biggums, the crack with a message on  Chapelle’s Show


Tracy Morgan- played Hustleman, the innovator of “chitlin’ loaf ”  Martin


Andre Royo- played the crack head who cares….Bubbles from the irreplaceable series The Wire


Shawn Michael Howard- The voice behind the charismatic claymated crack head Smokey- The PJ’s

And the winner is……………I just can’t choose, they were all so good, I’m a leave this one up to y’all……..


-Ronique Nicole

Like it, Love it, Live it. Food & The City


16 Jan

LIVE: Baby, Baby: Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl. Her name, Blue Ivy Carter. I guess their setting her up for her own skin care product line in the future… I can see it….. “Wrap your skin in the decadence of Blue Ivy” .ouuuu I like it. lol… N E Who. Congrats to the mega couple on the addition to their family! Let the bidding war begin on the exclusive pics.

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