Live! “The Carrie Diaries” Series from Sex and the City In The Making

13 Mar

The HBO series Sex And The City (SATC) (no relation), was, and still remains one of the most awesomeness series ever to come through the TV for women.

After the many failed attempts of other shows trying to duplicate the awesomeness that Carrie Bradshaw and her crew were; The CW has stepped up to the plate by ordering a pilot of “The Carrie Diaries”.

“The Carrie Diaries” is a prequel to SATC which takes place in Carrie Bradshaw’s high school years. So it’s a Sex & The City Jr.

With writer/producer of SATC, Amy B. Harris, as one of the Executive Producers of this project I am confident that this could be a successful prequel show.

Soul Surfer star Anna Sophia Robb has been chosen to play the young Carrie Bradshaw in the pilot

So there you have it. The epic series Sex & The City (no relation) will return to the tube in the “mini-me” form of “The Carrie Diaries.”



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