Flashback Monday! Do You Memba This? That Lovable Robot V.I.C.I From Small Wonder

12 Mar

The year was 1988, neon colors and patterns were in,  and you could still get away with wearing a Jheri Curl.

My obsession with having a humanoid robot was sparked during this time by watching the popular daytime sitcom called “Small Wonder”.

Way before the android market there was a show about Ted, a robotics engineer who had created an android who took on the likeness of a 10 year old girl named V.I.C.I. (Voice Input Child Identicant, pronounced “vicky”).   He takes the robot home in order to test it’s maturity in the home environment and the rest is the makings of the show that was “Small Wonder.” Trust me the show was more interesting then my attempt to describe it.

Back then as a black kid I felt the need to keep my enjoyment of this culturally out of bounds show to myself.  Now that social status means nothing to me.  I can share my love for “Small Wonder” with all of cyberspace…horray!


What is your favorite 80’s sitcom?

Enjoy the clip!


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