Live! Flashback Monday: What Were You Doing In 1992

5 Mar

As an 80’s baby I find myself reminiscing back to the early 90’s quite frequently. Musically it was a time of great variety, and the “new jack swing” era was alive and well.

Today on Flashback Monday we revisit the jam “Informer” by Canadian reggae artist Snow. This was the first and only single off of his debut album 12 Inches of Snow. Snow was convicted on assault and went to prison for a year shortly before his album was released.  I can only imagine how much it sucked being in prison listing to your first single on the radio, which would later be dubbed one of the top 100 hits of the 90’s by VH1.

Since topping the charts in 1992 Snow has embarked on some pretty cool charitable endeavors.  In 1999 Snow lost his wife Tamei Edberg to cancer and held a benefit called “ClosURE for Cancer” in her honor. He also started his own non-governmental private organization “Pure Snow NGO,” which assists “tenants living in non-profit housing”.

Snow’s last and 6th album ( I didn’t know either!) was released in 2002 entitled “Two Hands Clapping.”

In any case it Informer was Da’ Jam. After a many unsuccessful attempts at learning the lyrics to this song back in the day, I’m still wondering what exactly a Licky-boom-boom is?



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