Party: Carnival, The World Get’s Their Party On Today!

21 Feb

Since Saturday many countries have been dancing the night away in the streets to bring in the Lent season which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox societies hold festivals in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday that most commonly involve large parades and public street parties.

The Carnivals held in Rio De Janeiro, and Trinidad & Tobago are the most popular celebrations where people travel from around the globe to take part in.

On Wednesday Christians embark on a 40 day period of fasting and prayer, so one could appreciate the party till the wheels fall off atmosphere of Carnival before this journey.

Carnival in Rio or Trinidad is a great vacay whether its just the girls, just the fellas, or just the two us  type thing,  it doesn’t matter, a great time is guaranteed!

It’s too late for this year but you can begin planning for 2013 and trust me planning ahead is crucial  when attending carnival in Trinidad or Brazil because accommodations sell out up to 4 months before the events!

Here are some snaps of people getting their Carnival on!

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