Love: Work on Next Year’s Valentine’s Date With the Heineken Serenade Facebook App!

18 Feb

Valentines Day, the most depressing day for single Americans has past.

You and all of your single friends decided to be each other’s valentines, went to dinner, then to the strip club, all the while making fun of the sea of couples you all saw in passing in an attempt ease each others loneliness. Unfortunately it wasn’t as eventful as you had hoped.

Halt! Put down the lotion!  Heineken wants to help you “seal the deal” with that special someone and  get a jump start on V day 2013.

Just asking someone out on a date is soooo 2011, Heineken has introduced the Serenade Facebook App that enables you to woo your luv-candy in song.

With just a few clicks you can send a custom song to that special lady  asking her out on a date in hope that one day she will eventually have sex with you.

To begin your quest to having sex again here is the link to the Serenade Facebook App:

Send it to at least 5 women, because statistically,  1 out of every 5 women are willing to sleep with you. Then Bam! You’re so in there!  I’ve sent myself one, and I must say it was quite romantic. *wink*

The latest of Serenade promotion videos features a friend of Food & The City,  the talented funny man, Affion Crockett. This is hilarious! Check it out!

WhatChu Think? Fellas, if romance wasn’t valued extremely by women, would you still be romantic?What do you think of women’s expectations of romance in relationships? Unrealistic? or Whatever the lady wants she shall have?



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