Live! Doggie Fame: Malachy, Westminsters’s 2012 Best In Show

15 Feb

This adorable Pekingese named Malachy won “Best In Show” yesterday in the only contest where bitch is a technical term ,   the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

One may wonder, what did Malachy and his handler, David Fitzpatrick, gain from their new doggy stardom?  Here’s the list of prizes for the 2012 “Best In Show” Dog.

-Silver Bowl Trophy

-Steak Dinner at Sardi’s, a historic restaurant in the Theatre district.

-A tour of the Empire State Builing

-And Malachy and his handler , David Fitzpatrick, will ring the opening bell on the NY Stock Exchange on Thursday.

(It’s a lil depressing that Malachy’s life, who is a dog, is more exciting then mine…just slightly)

Although there isn’t a monetary prize for the “Best In Show” title, the notoriety and appearance fees  from upcoming scheduled appearances on the Today Show, The View, and other shows, will make up for it. Also the Fitzpatrick recieves a higher stud fee for breeding the dog.

Apparently Doggy Fame comes with digital hate mail. Persons peeved at the judges  choice took to the internet to express how they felt about Malachy: “I’m sorry, but the thing that won Westminster is NOT a dog. It’s more like an animatronic troll doll with extra hair,” said one Twitter comment.

My larger concern is for this Tweeter who made that and 1. Watching the Dog Show on Valentines Day, and 2.  then felt passionate enough to tweet about it… Talking about it is the first step buddy.

Well I got some ink in my pocket just in case I come across Malachy so that I can get a paw print (that’s how doggie celebrities give autographs….duuuuh!)

Congrats Malachy on your new shiny bowl, and superstar status!


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2 Responses to “Live! Doggie Fame: Malachy, Westminsters’s 2012 Best In Show”

  1. Kendra Renee Beasley February 16, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    Beautiful doggie…I wonder, does he get a steak dinner too? Or just the handler? And if so, can he enjoy his steak on the table? He is the winner after all!

    • Food & The City February 17, 2012 at 12:40 am #

      The steak dinner IS for the dog… And the handler gets one too. Ain’t that something lol!

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