Live! The Voice Season 2. Its On. And its Poppin’

8 Feb

As you may or may not know The Voice kicked off its 2 night premiere on Sunday and Monday.

Right out the gate the talent is flooding in, and so far the talent level is so much better than season 1.

The Voice has the best judge panel dynamic, Chistina, Adam, Sheldon, and Cee Lo make a great entertaining bunch as judges.

Does anybody wonder how Cee Lo came about acquiring the fancy feast kitty?  Ok maybe it was just me, N -E- Who. The best Voice moment so far has been Lindsay Pavao’s rendition of the 2010 poppin’ bottles anthem “Say Ahh” by Trey Songz.

Sorry Trey.. I like her version better…..

This season The Voice has churrned out of their marketing machine the 5th Coach Game via Facebook where you can pretend that you are the 5th judge, build your teams of 12, and rise some talented soul to stardom  (*boom, followed by dramatic pause for theatrical effect). …I’m so in!

So far team Ronique Nicole consists of….

1. Lindsey Pavao

2. Jamar Rogers

3. Rae Lynn

4.Gwen Sebastian

5. The Line

6. Kim Yarbrough

Boom,  there it is!     Who would your team picks be so far?


Ronique Nicole


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