Live! Super Bowl Half Time Show Recap: Some Things Are Better Left In The P-A-S-T, Madonna

6 Feb

First and foremost, I luv’s me some Vogue, and Material Girl totally went my head. All in all I respect Madonna as an entertainer.

In 1990, I was vouge-in with the best of em;  But, like Boys II Men, some things are better left in the 90’s.

Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show was wack (yes since we’re in the 90’s I will use 90’s slang), and I nominate the song “Give Me All Your Luvin” for the worst song ever award,it literally causes me emotional distress when I hear it. I can tell that the producers were like ” what is the crappiest song we can make in the shortest amount of time…. L-U-V Madonna…. Y-O-U.. You wanna.. that’s it!”

While the roman theme is great, and I can appreciate a good toga party any day.. But where in the hell does the Roman theme fit with any Madonna song ever made???  This is a classic case of theme-disconnection.

Wicked LCD screen and light displays, and then you have Cupid dancing on a tight rope?  When in doubt through LMFAO in the mix and get people to shufflin’…. eehh that didn’t work either, not even the fro-listic duo could save the day.

The Super Bowl Half Time Show is serious business, and this is the first time in a long time that I was more entertained by the commercials then the half time show.

Have we lost our way Super Bowl Half Time Show committee people……Get it together… you have 12 months.

Well so far, you can always count on the commercials…

Enjoy these funny Super Bowl Sunday commercials!Holla!

Crash The Super Bowl Doritos Contest Winner

Pepsi Commercial with the Winner of X Factor Melanie Amaro

M&M “Sexy And I Know It” Commercial

The Dog Strikes Back : 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commerical

What Was Your Favorite Game Day Moment?


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