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Eat! Free Short Stacks At IHOP for National Pancake Day!

28 Feb

In celebration of National Pancake Day, IHOP restaurants nationwide are offering up free pancakes in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

IHOP restaurants across the U.S. will be offering free short stacks of pancakes today from 7am to 10pm in attempt to raise $2.7million for select charities.

In return for the free pancakes, guests are asked to consider leaving a donation for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and other designated local charities.

Eating for a good cause is as good as it gets!

For more information about National Pancake Day, and to find the nearest IHOP near you Click Here

Happy National Pancake Day!

Party: Carnival, The World Get’s Their Party On Today!

21 Feb

Since Saturday many countries have been dancing the night away in the streets to bring in the Lent season which begins tomorrow on Ash Wednesday.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox societies hold festivals in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday that most commonly involve large parades and public street parties.

The Carnivals held in Rio De Janeiro, and Trinidad & Tobago are the most popular celebrations where people travel from around the globe to take part in.

On Wednesday Christians embark on a 40 day period of fasting and prayer, so one could appreciate the party till the wheels fall off atmosphere of Carnival before this journey.

Carnival in Rio or Trinidad is a great vacay whether its just the girls, just the fellas, or just the two us  type thing,  it doesn’t matter, a great time is guaranteed!

It’s too late for this year but you can begin planning for 2013 and trust me planning ahead is crucial  when attending carnival in Trinidad or Brazil because accommodations sell out up to 4 months before the events!

Here are some snaps of people getting their Carnival on!

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Love: Work on Next Year’s Valentine’s Date With the Heineken Serenade Facebook App!

18 Feb

Valentines Day, the most depressing day for single Americans has past.

You and all of your single friends decided to be each other’s valentines, went to dinner, then to the strip club, all the while making fun of the sea of couples you all saw in passing in an attempt ease each others loneliness. Unfortunately it wasn’t as eventful as you had hoped.

Halt! Put down the lotion!  Heineken wants to help you “seal the deal” with that special someone and  get a jump start on V day 2013.

Just asking someone out on a date is soooo 2011, Heineken has introduced the Serenade Facebook App that enables you to woo your luv-candy in song.

With just a few clicks you can send a custom song to that special lady  asking her out on a date in hope that one day she will eventually have sex with you.

To begin your quest to having sex again here is the link to the Serenade Facebook App:

Send it to at least 5 women, because statistically,  1 out of every 5 women are willing to sleep with you. Then Bam! You’re so in there!  I’ve sent myself one, and I must say it was quite romantic. *wink*

The latest of Serenade promotion videos features a friend of Food & The City,  the talented funny man, Affion Crockett. This is hilarious! Check it out!

WhatChu Think? Fellas, if romance wasn’t valued extremely by women, would you still be romantic?What do you think of women’s expectations of romance in relationships? Unrealistic? or Whatever the lady wants she shall have?


Live! Senior on Bus Teaches Young Lady About Respect

17 Feb

My cousin brought this video to my attention and I have to say this is the most Gangster-ish Senior Citizen I have ever seen in my life! This is the kind of woman you want on the squad, because you know! That she has got your back!

No one knows the lady’s name so I’m just going to call her OG Oatmeal-Cookiez.  (Whaaat! she looks like she makes great oatmeal cookies… and she’s like an oatmeal cookie… sweet but rough in texture) *cheese*

In this video OG-Oatmeal gives a young lady on the bus a good “talkin’ to” for being disrespectful.

Disclaimer: OG-Oatmeal-Cookiez has a potty mouth. This video contains explicit language.


Live! Doggie Fame: Malachy, Westminsters’s 2012 Best In Show

15 Feb

This adorable Pekingese named Malachy won “Best In Show” yesterday in the only contest where bitch is a technical term ,   the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

One may wonder, what did Malachy and his handler, David Fitzpatrick, gain from their new doggy stardom?  Here’s the list of prizes for the 2012 “Best In Show” Dog.

-Silver Bowl Trophy

-Steak Dinner at Sardi’s, a historic restaurant in the Theatre district.

-A tour of the Empire State Builing

-And Malachy and his handler , David Fitzpatrick, will ring the opening bell on the NY Stock Exchange on Thursday.

(It’s a lil depressing that Malachy’s life, who is a dog, is more exciting then mine…just slightly)

Although there isn’t a monetary prize for the “Best In Show” title, the notoriety and appearance fees  from upcoming scheduled appearances on the Today Show, The View, and other shows, will make up for it. Also the Fitzpatrick recieves a higher stud fee for breeding the dog.

Apparently Doggy Fame comes with digital hate mail. Persons peeved at the judges  choice took to the internet to express how they felt about Malachy: “I’m sorry, but the thing that won Westminster is NOT a dog. It’s more like an animatronic troll doll with extra hair,” said one Twitter comment.

My larger concern is for this Tweeter who made that and 1. Watching the Dog Show on Valentines Day, and 2.  then felt passionate enough to tweet about it… Talking about it is the first step buddy.

Well I got some ink in my pocket just in case I come across Malachy so that I can get a paw print (that’s how doggie celebrities give autographs….duuuuh!)

Congrats Malachy on your new shiny bowl, and superstar status!


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Love! Nothing Says “Be Mine” Valentine Cheesecake Brownies

14 Feb

Most people like brownies and cheesecake, so putting them together only seems natural. Adding red food coloring to the brownie batter and swirled into the cheesecake mixture on top make for a festive dessert for Valentines day.

If he isn’t in love with you yet, whip up a batch of these Valentine Cheesecake Brownies to change his tune honey!

They’re super simple to make, and you can serve it in a desert dish with some vanilla ice cream with two spoons for sharing.

Valentines Cheesecake Brownies


  • 1 Box of brownie mix (brand of your choice)
  • 1  bottle red food coloring (1 oz)
  • Cheesecake Topping
  • 1 8 oz package cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1  egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Prepare the brownie mix according to directions on the  box adding the red food coloring. Reserve 1/3 cup of batter to swirl on top of cheesecake layer.
  3. Prepare the cheesecake filling. Beat the cream cheese, egg, sugar and vanilla with a whisk or with an electric mixer, until fluffy.
  4. Pour the cheesecake into the pan, on top of the brownie mixture.
  5. Add a tablespoon or so of water to the reserved brownie batter, and stir well. The texture should be like thick cake batter. Dot the batter onto the cheesecake layer, and swirl with a knife.
  6. Bake for about 30 minutes, until the cheesecake is set, and just barely starting to brown around the edges.
  7. Allow to cool fully before cutting.

Live! Grammy Sum Up: Adele, Nicki Minaj (no comment), & Katy Perrys Smurfy Hair!

13 Feb

It’s the morning after Grammy night, a night filled with great accomplishments, and great performances by Adele and Jennifer Hudson.

I am so proud of Adele, It’s great to see true talent prevail. It’s refreshing to see an artist leave the antics and choreographers at home and just sing, and that’s exactly what Adele does, S-A-N-G!!! Any woman that can set Fire to the Rain is All-Rite with me!

Congrats Adele on your complete domination of the Grammys, taking home 6 Grammy’s girl !(talkin’ like I know her)

The mood was somber as the show went on without one of musics greatest song birds, Whitney Houston. Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to Whitney by singing her career hit “I Will Always Love You.”  It was a very emotional moment. (Niagara falls on the tear scale)

Katy Perry let us know that she got a divorce, then wrote a song about it… Like to hear it… here it go… it’s called  “Part of Me” .  I am goo goo gaa gaa over some bright colored smurf looking hair, but you should really consider giving your BFF  Ri Ri her wig back. Music artists are so lucky, they can break up and then make money off of singing about it, all I’ve ever received from an ex was trust issues. *shrug*

Dammit, I can’t take it no more!  Nicki Minaj has got to go! Last night she fell all the way off the effin’ map….. I’m done..

This bi#c!h is sorry.  Is anything sacred in America anymore….I know she wouldn’t have done this performance in Rome…. making a mockery of anyones faith is not cool, we don’t have to all believe the same thing, but respect is a must, and some things are sacred, period.

Ok, take away the all the references to Catholicism, the song is still Wack, and bad trees bear bad fruit, therefore the performance was Wack as well or an “Epic Fail” as my predecessors say…

Is this what’s hot right now, or am I just getting old…. I may just me getting old…but that ish was Wack-Sauce with a side of fu#*in horrible…

Relive this moment at your own risk smh (with my hands covering my face). I spent 5 minutes too long searching for the link to this mess..

I have nothing else to say…. except subscribe to Food & The City! (pssst. button is on the top right of the screen *wink)


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