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LIVE! There Is No Title To Describe This Hott Mess Right Huurr

26 Jan

Most days I am very happy to live in a time where creatively, whatever you want to put out to the world, is simply a  Mac Book Pro purchase away.

Just like firearms,  I feel that there should be some laws to prevent some folks from obtaining film equipment in the hope that someday the world could be rid of hot hood messes displayed in the video below……but then again if the world were rid of things like this, I would have less to write about..

The below music video is of a song called “It’s Free Swipe Yo’ EBT”.

No, there is nothing wrong with your screen, and you don’t have to clean your glasses, you have read correctly.

There is only room for one successful song about welfare in history, and that ship has past.  “First of The Month” by Bone Thugs & Harmony  hit #14 on Billboards hot 100 in 1996, and was nominated for a Grammy. (The Grammy Award Committee  likes hood songs.  3 6 Mafia also won an award for  their simply poetic single “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”  from the Hustle & Flow Soundtrack.)

Well without further adieu I present to you………. A video,  that if you don’t have a degree, it will make you enroll in college today, or at minimum pick up a book.


Ronique Nicole


LIVE: IT’S COMING! 5.12.12

26 Jan
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