Love: A Not So Good Valentines Day Gift

25 Jan

Today I heard a radio commercial from Beverly Hills Physicians, a cosmetic surgery practice. The commercial suggested that it would be a grand romantic gesture if  you give a gift certificate from their practice to your sweetheart this coming Valentines Day. Pause! I couldn’t believe the pitch I had just heard.

While I have nothing against one getting surgery for self image improvement purposes, I really don’t think I would receive a gift certificate to a plastic surgeon on Valentines Day from a lover so well.   My thought is, when and how do you deliver such a gift, and what do you say?  “Honey, I got you that Kardashian ass you have unsuccessfully been squatting towards” or ” John, here’s a gift that will help you ditch that prego look.”

How do you bestow a gift like this to a lover? Do you deliver the certificate over a romantic dinner, tape the certificate to a Teddy Bear with some roses, attach it to an Edible Arrangement, or you can blind fold your boyfriend or girlfriend and take em straight to the surgery center.

My point is,  there is nothing romantic about this particular gift. If you were a man giving this gift to a woman, it’s almost guaranteed that your plans for  hot, slutty, Valentines Day sex will be deferred.  She may even take it, get the surgery, then defer to having sex with someone else.  Now a week after valentines day would be probably be a better time for this gift that keeps on giving.

It is sad that this commercial may be the demise to some poor clueless persons relationship or marriage, because they actually were convinced ,that the gift of plastic surgery, would melt the heart of their mate on Valentines Day.

Don’t Do It!


Ronique Nicole


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