Celebrity Deaths Come In 3’s: Where Did That Come From?

23 Jan

Blues and Soul singing legend, Etta Jameslost her battle with Leukemia on Friday, and today, college football coach great, Joe Paterno dies at 85. Now pop culture obsessives are asking the question, who will complete the Trinity?

How does a “Death Comes in 3’s” superstition come about? Well humans, by nature are pattern seeking beings, we like to connect-the-dots so to speak.

We’re the species that can spot Jesus’ face in a pancake. We are the animals that refuse to accept the demise of Elvis, 2Pac, and Biggie Smalls (I know, Elvis lives in a secret room at his Graceland property, and 2Pac and Biggie are besties living in the Bermuda Triangle with Amelia Earhart) . When seeking to make “sense” of our in-coincidental universe, three has a certain magic to it. Sonically beats of 3 are more pleasing to us, ecetera and so on. The myth or idea (you be the judge) that death comes in threes has been around way before celebrity, but when high profile people die within a close span of time, it leans this Myth more towards being true.

Is it more than coincidence that  Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, and John Ritter all died in the same week in 2003? What about Ed McMahon’s death in 2009 and then just two days later on June 25th, Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett. Is there more to it, or just us puzzle seeking humans doing what we do best, pointing out patterns?


Ronique Nicole

WhatChu Think? Do you consider yourself a superstitious person?  What is one of the most crazy superstitions you have heard of?


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