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LIVE! Food & The City Awards Celebrates Crack Head Characters in Film and Television!

18 Jan

I’m not really into award shows.  I’m annoyed by corny thank you speeches, people who aren’t funny but the teleprompter tries to make them say things funny, shiny dresses, and parties that I’m not at.

However, I do tune in to keep a pulse on the times, and while watching part of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday I said to myself,  Self, and myself said “what the hell do you want now”, I replied … “there is something missing from this award show…..some award categories are missing and they should add this one”….

The Gator Achievement Award

 (In honor of the character Gator from the movie Jungle Fever)

Best Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Crack Head Role


And the nominees are…….. (cue music)

Christian Bale: played the loveable crack head with a never give up spirit, Dicky – The Fighter.

Hale Berry- Played the clear complexioned, all teeth having crack head love interest of Gator in the 1991 controversial cult classic Jungle Fever.

Anthony Johnson- Played the entrepreneurial crack head Ezel in the comedic classic Friday.

Ryan Gosling- played a Teacher addicted to crack in the 2006 movie Half Nelson. Even as a crack head he still maintains that boyish charm….how does he do that!

And the winner is………It was close but the winner is Anthony Johnson for his role as Ezel…What-Chu Think? 

Up next….

Best Crack Head Role Played By an Actor in a TV Series or Comedy.


And the nominees are……….

Dave Chappelle- played Tyrone Biggums, the crack with a message on  Chapelle’s Show


Tracy Morgan- played Hustleman, the innovator of “chitlin’ loaf ”  Martin


Andre Royo- played the crack head who cares….Bubbles from the irreplaceable series The Wire


Shawn Michael Howard- The voice behind the charismatic claymated crack head Smokey- The PJ’s

And the winner is……………I just can’t choose, they were all so good, I’m a leave this one up to y’all……..


-Ronique Nicole

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