Live! Martin Luther King Day. A Day for Community, and Activism

16 Jan

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the upmost example of how great ideals coupled with great leadership can change the world. Dr. King was one of the many heros at the front of the civil rights movement.   He called for change in race relations in America, and brought persons of all races together to endure the common cause for equal rights for Blacks in America. Today, we celebrate his Birthday, not just to have a day off from work, or go and see parades, but celebrate by carrying on his work and ideals. Celebrate by being being active in your community, celebrate by not being idle to current human injustices, and celebrate by not taking for granted the opportunities that are available to you.

Thank You Dr. King for dreaming so that I could have a better life!

Happy MLK Day!

Learn all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in this great collection of articles, and pictures from the Seattle Times!



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