7 May

Five And Spice

When you think about it, it’s remarkable, really, just how many opportunities we have every day to do something new.  Much of the time it doesn’t feel like it.  Our days follow patterns.  We have baskets full of habits and well-worn ruts that we comfortably cruise along in.

And actually, a certain amount of repetition and stability in your life turns out to be really important and healthy.  Which makes perfect sense.  Nature is full of rhythms and patterns.  We reside within them, and if completely rhythmless we feel jostled and jarred and seriously uncomfortable.

But if we don’t keep our eyes open to all the myriad of tiny dips and swerves within the patterns, it can be easy to feel trapped in some sort of mold that looks a lot like same-old-same-old.

I forget sometimes, that I’m the one making the decision to walk down the exact same…

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Party! LA House Heads Don’t Miss This Par-Tay The 3 Kings of House @Vangaurd Hollywood

18 Apr

Cheaa (yes) this is going to be Hizz-OT (very fun)!!!

All I have to say is: 

Louie Vega 

David Morales 

and Tony Humphries 

 You can’t claim to be a House Music head and not go this party. I need not say no more, period.!



It’s Britney Bit$h! Pop Princess $15 Million X-Factor Deal Official!

18 Apr

Britney Spears
(like you didn't know, if you didn't well, welcome to Earth)

Haaay Now…. did you miss me….

I didn’t think so…. Let’s talk about whats going on at X-Factor USA shall we!

After months of speculations, rumors, and hypothesissss about who would be filling all of the empty seats at X-Factor USA, Britney Spears has sealed the deal for….

$15 Million Dollars….just for season 2!


Yep, thats right,  Ms. Spears will make more  in the next 6 months then what the population in my zip code will make in their whole lives.

Apparently this talent Judge’in thing pays really well

J-Lo’s contract was re-negotiated  for this current season of American Idol  for $20 Million.. .. SAY WHAT!  BALLIN’!


Where’s my cut?

All I’m saying is, you constantly hear shows rally for your participation, have you all up for hours on the phone voting and stuff….shooo that’s hard work too!

They tell us that  they’d be “nothing” without “us” the viewer, and they appreciate us tuning in..yada…yada…yada…

I would prefer that your appreciation be Quantified….Thank You!

I don’t know about you, but I perfer gratitude via PayPal…

We tune in….they get paid….and all we get is a bill from Direct TV at the end of the month for $100.


***End Rant***

I Loves me some Britney Spears, many of her songs are on my life soundtrack.   I am oberly excited about her as a Judge on X-Factor, and I feel that she is just what the doctor ordered for the show,  any woman that shaves her head is definitely gonna keep it real! OUUKAY!

Now I really don’t think there will be 4th judge hired because they have expired most of their budget obtaining Britney.

Now the only hanging chad left is the Host.  Back in February Simon Cowell revealed that there will be 2 hosts for season 2, so this will definitely be interesting.

Auditions have started around the country, so if you have what it takes, don’t miss your chance to become a Star.

X-Factor USA Season 2 Audition Information.

Video: Criminal by Britney Spears (Lyric Video)  It’s Koo!

Plan A Luxury Summer Vegas Vacay 4 Less!

13 Apr

There is no greater way to travel then Luxury for Less.

If  you are thinking about planning a vacay (that’s country club for vacation)  or  a trip to vegas  there are some great  sales on jetsetter.com right now for The Signature Hotel @MGM Grand and at the Hard Rock Hotel  (Their pool Rehab is one of D best in Vegas!).  The sale allows you to book  though August 31 with rates starting from under $100 per night, but there is only 2 more days left to make a reservation through JetSetter.com.

The Signature at MGM Grand

On Sale From $95 / night  ($95 rate is sunday thru mon on this sale, but the weekend rate is discounted too)      Click Here

The Venetian

on sale from $189/night  reg. $250+ 

The Venetian is my one of my favorite Vegas Hotels because it is centrally located to everywhere you would want to be in Vegas. Although it wouldn’t be hard to spend days on end inside this hotel without going stir crazy, Vegas is your playground with  the “Duece” bus stop right out side to take you from uptown to downtown Las Vegas.

The Hard Rock Hotel

on sale from $64/night

Do Vegas like the Rock God that you are at The Hard Rock Hotel.   I like this hotel because it is, what it is, a party hotel. So if you are going to Vegas for some R&R and a serene environment, you might want to find another spot.

I also like it because of all of the cool music memorabilia that the hotel is emerged in, It’s like staying in a rock and roll museum and that’s pretty cool. Be advised that this hotel is East of the Vegas Strip so if you are looking to trollip up and down the strip as many want to , bring ya walking shoes if you stay here.

Summer is around the corner and I know money is tight for a lot of folks.. but the rooms at these all-suite hotels a spacious enough  for you and a group of friends to split the costs.


And remember what happens in Vegas, may end up on YouTube or someones Timeline….

Vegas responsibly, holla!

Live! A “Must Attend” Event For Female Comedians! Females In Comedy Convention April 26-29

12 Apr

Comedian Hope Flood Founder of Females In Comedy Association

Whether you are just beginning or on the rise, if you are a female Comedian, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Females In Comedy Convention from April 26-29.

This event is hosted by The Females in Comedy Association founded by oh so funny and talented, Hope Flood,  as a solution to help more women in comedy succeed.

During this three day event there will be an all star line up of speakers, and events that will give you the information you need to ensure that YOU are on the right track  when it comes to your craft.  Topics range from “Marketing Yourself 101” (presented by Comedian Shang Forbes) to  “The Perfect Pitch – how to pitch your idea or TV Show and get it on the air (presented by Amy Ashton) to a mystery workshop “Who’s Got Next” with funny woman Miss Laura Haynes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a whole bunch of knowledge from spectacular veteran talent, and a awesome networking experience!

Registration is open until April 15 so  hurry up, annnnd sign up!!  www.femalesincomedyconvention.com


Food and the City’s Deliciousness List : Big Wangs North Hollywood

11 Apr

Cajun Buffalo Wangs

Hey Hey,

First a lil history,

The Deliciousness List ( say that 3 times fast!) is a coveted list of restaurants and eateries that display excellence in making me smille after I consume their food.  (trust me it ain’t as simple as it sounds.)  While many establishments will not make it to this list, don’t beat yourself up about it, I just have a sophisticated palate…..it’s me….it’s not you…well then again it is you :/

First up on the Food and the City Deliciousness-List is the wing-tropolis Big Wangs in North Hollywood California.

Big Wangs is a great place to eat wings, drink, and be merry with the people you hold dear…..Their happy hour specials are awesome, and their  wings are of the best caliber to be found in Southern California.  I frequent the North Hollywood location, but they do have other locations in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and Valencia.

Lemon Pepper Wangs

Big Wangs has a variety of wing flavors: Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Garlic Buffalo, and Lemon Pepper. Cajun Buffalo, Chipotle BBQ, Teriyaki, Rochester, and Sweet & Sassy. I personally love the Garlic Buffalo, and the Lemon Pepper wings.

I like this place because like the name “Big Wang” implies the size of the wings are larger then most proprietary wing spots, also the flavor of their sauce is amazingly good.  For all you sport lovers there are TV’s everywhere to fill your every sporting need.  I also luv that they give you big cups for your non-alcoholic beverages so you don’t have to keep hunting down a staff for a refill.

Not down with wings… then we can never be friends, just kidding…. Big Wangs offers an extensive menu that goes beoyond chicken wings, other selections include  Shepard’s Pie in a skillet, Quesadillas, Nachos, Soups and Salads, Burgers, Ahi Sliders ( yea.. Ahi Sliders yummers), Sandwhiches, and Pizza, and Dessert.

So congratulations Big Wangs, you have made it to the Effin-Delicious List, aren’t you happy, feel free to send a sista coupon *cheeze*


Website: www.bigwangs.com

Menu:  www.bigwangs.com/menu

Live! Sneak Peak at Whitney Houston’s last Film Appearance in “Sparkle”

7 Apr

Happy Saturday…..

T.D. Jakes produced the remake of the 1976 film “Sparkle”.   For all of you all who are unfamiliar with the movie like me (I wasn’t in the making yet as a human, I wasn’t born yet.) it’s about a young talented singer named Sparkle  played by the talented Jordin Sparks.

The story goes like this…..

Sparkle and her two sisters are raised by their single mother ,played by Whitney Houston. The sisters form a singing group and rise to fame.   The group experiences turmoil after one of their members turns to drugs and another achieves their desired fame all by herself.

I love a good perilous diva-esque movie, and I am definitely excited about it.  The movie comes out in theaters on August 17th, 2011.


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